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This community is for everybody. It is designed for collectors and hobbyists alike.  Although the paid membership tiers do have their perks, we made sure that the free tier can participate in our community and have fun in doing so. You can see our Pricing details above.

Each Membership Tier has its own benefits. Choose the one from pricing plan that is best for your needs. Remember, it doesn’t matter which tier you choose.  If you join us today, you will help our collecting community grow!

No need to commit forever. Join and pay monthly. If you change your mind about a membership, make sure to cancel before your next payment is processed. Your payment is processed on the same day each month from the day you registered. The charge will be automatically processed using the payment method you chose during registration. 

You can upgrade to a higher membership tier at any time. If you had a paid tier to begin with, the cost for the upgrade will be prorated. 

For example, imagine that a member has already paid for a month of the Experienced Collector Membership, and halfway through the month they decide to upgrade to Gem Mint Collector Membership. You will automatically get charged the prorated amount for the rest of the month. Then after that month you will go back to the original amount of $20/month for the Gem-Mint Collector Membership.

At any moment you are able to cancel your paid membership. Once you cancel your paid membership, you are no longer automatically charged monthly. You will continue to be part of that Membership tier until it expires. Once your paid membership expires, you will be part of the free Casual Collector membership. 

Ultimately, we want people to be happy with the services Collect A Hobby is providing. If you are unhappy with your paid membership, please contact us here. We cannot promise a refund since we will handle this as a case by case situation. But we will surely help you the best we can.

Once you join, it’s time to be a part of the Collect A Hobby community. Be an active member. Socialize with other members and contribute to the hobby. Its time to Connect, Collect, and Have Fun!