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Collect A Hobby

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What Can I Do?

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Customize Your Profile

Everything starts with the way you set up your profile section. You can add pictures and a cover photo. The better it looks, the better chance you may have to gain followers. When you are ready, you can add friends. This way you will be able to direct message them.

Join Groups

Join the fun and chat with other collectors. We offer groups such as Video Games, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, and more! Come join the fun in the group of your choice. Or just be part of them all!

Join Forums

We offer a place for you to make your own forum posts. Ask questions and get answers by other people in the community. We make sure to separate your forum posts to specific groups. No more worrying about forum posts getting overlooked.


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The Blog

Read articles about the hobby of collecting. In this section, we will give you tips, tricks, and just fun information about the hobby you love. You are a collector like us. Enjoy this hobby and learn how to grow your collection.  

Show & Tell

Just like when you were a kid, Show & Tell was a place where you can show off something special. This is the part of the website where you can share your collection. Post a picture, or just post a thought. Have fun in this section. You will get to chat with everyone in the community all at once. 

Collect A Hobby
Collect A Hobby

Extra Feature

The Vault

Probably the best tool you can use on this website. The Vault allows you to look up pricing information on Video Games and Trading Cards. The Vault will help you grow your collection the right way. Find what you are looking for and get it now while the price is low. Or if you have it already, add it to your collection. Let others know what you have. Who knows……just maybe one day you may want to trade with someone. As time goes on, The Vault will only get bigger and better. 

Our Mission

To bring collectors a place where they can grow their collection, talk about it, and show it off to the world.